NEW Flexible Payment Plans

To make the TrueFIT™ Custom Mask more easily affordable by the many CPAP users who need it, Acurest is pleased to offer some flexible payment options.


You decide how much and how often to make a payment – fortnightly to coincide with your regular pay, or monthly, or even weekly.

Choose to have the payments debited from a bank, credit union or building society account or charged to your VISA or MasterCard.

And choose to make each payment in an amount that fits into your budget, providing the whole mask is paid for within twelve months.


Acurest will charge no interest, overheads or administration fees; just the retail price of the mask split up in a way that is convenient to you.



Acurest uses Ezidebit to collect payments.  You will need to complete a direct debit authorisation with  Ezidebit to take advantage of Acurest's flexible payment options.

Ezidebit will make small administration charges for operating a payment plan, such as;

  • $3.30 to establish the Direct Debit Request (DDR)
  • $1.10 fee for each transaction from a bank, building society or credit union account
  • 2.2% of the value of each transaction from a Visa or MasterCard (with a minimum of $1.25 per transaction)
  • Additional fees apply if payments are defaulted.

Note – further terms and conditions apply

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